New Features

We are constantly striving to enhance the functionality of our portal.

Sending Invoices via Email

Recently, we added the possibility to send invoices from our portal via Email. This allows you to create and keep all your invoices in our portal, regardless of whether your business partner is already using Peppol. Once your business partner registers in the Peppol network, our portal updates the business partner master data with the new Peppol ID, and future invoices will be sent using Peppol.

E-Mail Forwarding

Recently, we added email-forwarding as a standard feature to our portal which allows our customers to receive invoices in a human-readable PDF-format in a defined email inbox. Simply add the designated email-address under Company Details in the Settings-Menu.

E-Invoicing Registration Grant

We are pleased to share that Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has released a new “E-Invoicing Registration Grant” (ERG) that rewards you $200 for registering on the Nationwide E-invoicing Network. This is available for a limited time only, so do take advantage and get yourself registered on the network.

All you need to do is registering your company on the Peppol Network, which you can do free of any costs here: There are no further obligations if you sign up with today.

IMDA will transfer the 200 S$ funding to your bank account via PayNow UEN within the next 6 weeks without any further action needed from your side!

The only prerequisite: You need to be an active company, registered in Singapore before March 25th, 2020.

Invoices can now be sent to AGD

From 20 January 2020, an additional channel for electronic invoice (e-invoice) submission to government agencies has been put in place. Other than the existing method of submitting through Vendors@Gov, you now have an additional channel to submit your e-invoices via the Nationwide E-invoicing Network. This means you have a choice to continue submitting e-invoices to government agencies through Vendors@Gov or through the Nationwide E-invoicing Network.

You are encouraged to submit e-invoices to Singapore government agencies via the network. If an e-invoice has been submitted through the network, there is no need for submission through Vendors@Gov.

Go ahead and use for your future invoice-submission to AGD, the first 100 invoices per month are free of any costs!